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[ Inspiring #Feature ] About.me has featured Inspiring Mums on their Blog on their #FFaboutme Featured Friday Blog! Very excited this is what they wrote about my profile:

“”Check out Heather James‘s bio and you won’t be able to not jump into reading her mummy blog, Inspiring Mums.” ~ About.me

They tweeted this to 210.3k of their Twitter followers and each person featured as also replied and retweeted to their audience, bringing that figure closer to the 300k mark worldwide FREE exposure!

I only created this http://www.about.me/inspiringmums profile last week, in my strategic marketing plan to gain more traffic, get free exposure, get the blogs I am putting my heart and soul into READ by people to INSPIRE THEM FOR LIFE… and maybe – just MAYBE pay to work with me so I can show them how I do it and live the life they want!

Such on such a high right now! TOOT TOOT!

Thank you About.me I have loved connecting with like-minded people on your site, I love the ease of connecting, the positive vibe I get, meeting fresh new contacts outside of the normal sites I tend to use like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It really is quick and easy to use and I looooove the design of the pages…! I have posted a comment on your blog with some tips for other About.me users.

Thanks again!
Heather James Inspiring Mums

The about.me Blog

It’s that time again: Featured Friday #FFaboutme! As always, add your about.me profile link to your Twitter bio for a chance to be featured on our blog. Putting your about.me profile in your Twitter bio gives people an opportunity to get to know you beyond your Twitter page. jpeg-4Danny DeReuter definitely wins points from us for all the apps he has on his page and for such a great bio. Short and sweet.

jpegWatch out for this up and coming TV personality, Joshua Conner, who is the youngest Chicago SJNN Reporting Fellowship participant for Northwestern’s Journalism School.

jpeg-3As a marketer, Jim Beretta travels often and is never far from his camera. Check out his flickr feed for an adorable picture of a seal and other great shots.

jpeg-2Check out Heather James‘s bio and you won’t be able to not jump into reading her mummy blog, Inspiring Mums.

jpeg-1It’s hard…

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